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What is a Woodprint?

A woodprint is a photograph printed on rustic planks of wood. We use solid planks of Radiata Pine that are imported from New Zealand. Our premium cut of Radiata has a gentle wood grain texture and no knots, providing the perfect medium for printing high quality photos. We create all of our woodprints by hand, which means each and every piece is incredibly unique.

What can you print on wood?

We can turn any photo or digital art piece into a woodprint. Some of our most popular things to print are family portraits, weddings, and landscapes . Once you place your order with us we will work out the details with you and send you free digital proofs to make sure it looks just the way you want. As artists we may suggest various sizes or styles for you to consider.

Welcome to our Shop!

 We have designed our shop to be easy for placing custom orders. Purchase any size, upload your photo and we will create a free digital proof for you to look over and then you can decide if you want to continue with your order or get a full refund! 

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Request a custom order and we will start from scratch to make your project exactly the way you want it. 

What file size do you need?
It is always best to print from the highest quality copy you have but we generally can use anything that is one megabyte or higher.
Do they come ready to hang?
Every woodprint comes ready for your wall. With our hanging hardware it is very easy to hang right out of the box.
How large can you make these?
With our proprietary process we are able to make your woodprint pretty much as large as you want. Our biggest one to date is about 8 x12 feet.
Are these actually hand-crafted?
Yes, each and every piece is created by hand and we work with each customer individually to make their dreams come true.
Do you offer whole-sale pricing?
We do. If you are a photographer, business owner, or someone who is interested in selling woodprints send us a message and we would be happy to discuss whole-sale pricing.
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